Along Came Betty [free vocal chart with Lyrics!]

Recently a blogger asked about Jon Hendrick’s Lyrics to Benny Golson‘s composition Along Came Betty  so I transcribed the lyrics and music just for you!

*Please note, there are a few lyrics I’m not entirely confident I have correct. I have underlined these lyrics in the ‘lyrics only’ section at the bottom of this post. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to show the lyrics to Jon and find out if these areas are accurate.

A Few Notes About the Piece…

Lee Morgan (tp)
Benny Golson (ts)
Bobby Timmons (p)
Jymie Merritt (b)
Art Blakey (d)
* Rudy Van Gelder Studio, Hackensack, NJ, October 30, 1958)

The Original Recording:

Jon’s Recording:

Lyrics Only:

Who is that?
Where’d you find her at?
Your hearin’ every fella say,
Betty walked his way.

Who is she?
Just how lovely can you be?
It’s not just any chick on the scene –
To tell the truth the girl is really mean.

Betty’s all you need,
She’s nothin’ classy
Just is strictly built for speed,
I had to turn her loose ’cause she’s
The only chick I know, slicker than me.
There she goes
Betty’s movin’ on – she’s gone!
What’s left to say,
Betty’s walkin’ away.

Shout Chorus (First two A’s on the head out):
Such beauty, in motion,
It’s strollin’, just like the ocean,
that’s Betty, she captures every single eye,

And wiggle, like jello,
So groovy, so fine and mellow,
I wonder who’ll be her next lucky guy?


  1. Great job, Atla! Thank you! A couple more possible corrections:

    “Chassis’s strictly built for speed” and

    “Hips rollin’ just like the ocean”


  2. I’ve found myself doing the same thing when I can’t find Hendrick’s amazing lyrics online. By my ear, the three of you got it. Great job! And you’ve notated the music as well – what a great resource! Thank you.


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