“Matt DeChamplain is a pianist of extraordinary skills and musicality. I think I learned as much from Matt as he did from me! Matt graduated at the top of his class, and is well on his way to world-class musician status, with a lot to say. All we have to do is listen and enjoy.” – Andy Laverne

“I’ve known Atla for some years now and I must say, she has been moving by leaps and bounds towards stardom as a jazz vocalist. Last time I heard her she was soundin’ like someone ready to git up and go wherever she wants to.” – Jon Hendricks

“Matt DeChamplain plays with amazing dexterity and superb taste while covering the history of jazz piano from ragtime and stride to modern.” – Hartford Jazz Society

“Atla DeChamplain is a singer’s singer. She is a cross between Jon Hendricks and Ella Fitzgerald. It doesn’t get any better.” – Shawnn Montiero

“Matt DeChamplain is an amazing study in advanced piano styles with a major contribution to the “Stride” style and more recent jazz. Matt is an innovator and a desciple of the “Tatum” school.  Not many pianists have the ability to combine both opposing styles, put them together, and also be a great current jazz artist.” – Donn Trenner

“With Atla’s cool, consummate command of scat and the complete art of the bebop vocal and Matt’s mastery of the piano tradition from ragtime, stride, and blues through modern and contemporary styles, the DeChamplains have much to celebrate with the release of their first recording together, a beautifully crafted, briskly executed, and triumphant disc called Pause.” – Owen McNally